The Tile Estimator makes your life a little easier. This new, innovative online planner lets you design your room, select tile sizes and patterns. In the final step, you can view your custom ceramic tile report.

6 easy steps to estimate your tile project!

Step 1 - Choose Your room shape. You can choose from different room shapes like rectangle, "L" shape or "T" shape.
  Step 4 - Select your tile. Click on the category buttons to make your tile selections from a palette of designs & sizes.
Step 2 - Choose You room size. To get the best results you can adjust the size precisely to the dimensions of your own room.
Step 5 - Select Non-tile areas. Use the handles around the non-tile area to quickly adjust dimensions.
Step 3 - Angle Walls. With the help of corner buttons, add angled walls and resize them easily with a special handle.
Step 6 -Your report is ready. In the report section, view your final results and your project estimates.
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