How to avoid cold bathroom and kitchen tile floors?


Tiles are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and creative floor covering options for our bathrooms, kitchens, or any other rooms.
While selecting a tile floor we do pay a lot of attention to its materials (are they ceramic, marble, stone, glass, metal or other) as well as patterns and designs. The only disadvantage tiles have is that they are usually cold surfaces, and can create an unpleasant cold feeling atmosphere, which discourages people from using them for their flooring project.
Because of that many homeowners and professionals do not install tiles and are looking for other more comfortable and warmer floor covering options.

Tile Warming System

Nowadays the best solution for this common problem is to install an under tile electric floor heating system. The simplicity and ease of installation of a tile heating system makes it the perfect add-on to cold tile, stone or other floor surfaces. With no costly ductwork or piping requirements, system installation can be conveniently performed by the flooring installer, with an electrician providing final thermostat hook-up and testing.

This incredible product will allow you to add a soothing luxury to tile and stone floors, and will let you change the stereotype "that tile floors are always unpleasant and cold floor coverings".

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