Tile Estimator

An online application for the home improvement industry

The Tile Estimator provides projections of material requirements and support information, estimating the minimum number of tiles for a vast array of projects like floor remodeling and even wall tiles and roof shingles.






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What is the Area to Cover?

The total square footage of the actual floor you walk on, does not include area underneath permanent fixtures. Spacing your area of application from base-to-base helps greatly. Tile Estimator then stores this value as the total area of the tile project. Grout spacing is calculated throughout the vector and executed at the perimeter of the plane.
Starting from the end of one side of the room, use a tape measure to measure the length of the room up and down. Next, use the same technique to measure the width of the room. Total square footage is important to calculate how many tiles required and the Tile Estimator automatically calculates this by multiplying the length and width of the area to cover.

How can I Calculate the Area to Cover for a Complex Area?

Even if a kitchen isn’t perfectly square, there’s a really great way for estimating larger spaces. Especially when you might have a kitchen floor plan with an island or a permanent fixture where tiling is not going to be installed - divide complicated areas into smaller and easier to manage squares. Calculate how many tiles per square and then total all of the squares up.

I don't know my Tile Thickness, what should I Choose?

Ceramic tiles with adequate thickness are proven to be more durable and sustainable for long-term application. The more thickness a tile has, the more the tile will stand up when placed on the flooring surface. Your average tile height comes in at 1/8" and other common tile height sizes can be found within the dropdown. Be sure to check the tile manufacturer's product page and jot this down because it will be important for grout calculcations.

What is Waste Accounting for?

  • Human error
  • Inaccurate dimensions
  • Space joints

How can I Heat my Cold Tile Floor?

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